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Engineering change

Engineering Change

1)Product to involve the engineering information:            
The design of the die structure and the effect it has on the product, the product the performance requirements of the need to decide what material, and in the process of production adopt what kind of process conditions.         
2)Engineering information communication:            
We have the professional engineering and technical personnel specially dealing with customer technical issues, and through the business controller across to the customer, when necessary, the customer side of engineering and technical personnel to our production site audit and participate in discussion of relevant technical problems, we can also send professional engineering and technical personnel accompanied by personnel related engineering problems and customers face to face communication, to keep the rapid processing and solve the problems.         
3)Engineering change:            
All products in the sample to determine implement production, before or after the execution of the production process, for the product assembly use an engineering change, both sides will be in writing to confirm the way, then the product to change and to confirm, and then press the latest request execution born late; Expenses incurred in change depending on the modification reasons and amount by the customer and our agreement processing