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Company News

What if your baby doesn't like bottle feeding? USSE gives you tips to make your baby fall in love with bottles.

Publish Date: 2019-07-10 Click: 3078
What if your baby doesn't like bottle feeding? USSE gives you tips to make your baby fall in love with bottles.

After the birth of a newborn, breastfeeding process is very easy because of work, travel and other reasons have to change the way of breastfeeding. However, in the process of infant growth, there will always be a situation that babies do not like to use bottles to breast-feed, which makes novice BM at a loss, what to do? Infants'feeding methods are divided into direct feeding and indirect feeding. Direct feeding refers to mother's direct breastfeeding, and indirect feeding refers to baby bottle feeding. For children, he has a strong choice and judgment, he will choose to feed directly or use bottles, but the vast majority of children will choose to feed directly, so there will be a result, the baby is unwilling to use bottles.

baby bottle

Why don't babies like bottle milk? First of all, babies don't like to eat pacifiers. This is the most common reason, and most babies will encounter such problems. When we feed our baby satisfactorily, we often don't expect it to be so difficult for him to accept the pacifier. Secondly, we don't like the taste of milk powder. Although the baby is small, he also has his own ideas and tastes. He may not like the taste of this milk powder. Moreover, the milk-weary period. In about 4 months, the baby gradually matures. On the one hand, he may have added supplementary foods, preferring new flavors of food, and temporarily lost interest in milk powder. 

On the other hand, his auditory and visual breakthroughs have made him more interested in the outside world, and he often "meddles" whenever there is a rush and his mind is not on suckling. Of course, there is also the wrong way of feeding, because the baby bottle angle is inappropriate, pressed to the tongue, so that the baby can not drink milk, it is best to put the bottle gently in the baby's mouth at a 45 degree angle. The mothers here are all good at it, not very good at it. If they have oral or other diseases, they may also make their babies dislike bottles, occasionally do not eat milk powder for a long time, or cry or feel depressed. They may have physical problems.