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Company News

Why do babies use teether? What are the benefits of baby teether?

Publish Date: 2019-07-10 Click: 1129
Why do babies use teether? What are the benefits of baby teether?

Why do babies use gum? What are the benefits of baby comfort teether? The comforting gum is generally made of environmentally friendly and non-toxic silica gel, some of which are made of soft plastics and EVA materials. Of course, it can relieve the discomfort during the eruption period. Baby's gums will itch and pain when preparing for long teeth. Baby teether can massage well to relieve the discomfort of the flesh, and does not hurt the gum, which helps to promote the growth of deciduous teeth. It can also help the baby to pass the oral period smoothly. The infant's oral period mainly satisfies the desire by sucking, eating and drinking, and eating hands. If the oral desire is not satisfied, the baby will often be impatient, crying and drooling, and will bite anything they can touch, which is prone to the risk of eating by mistake. Dental glue can satisfy and soothe the baby's mood, and smoothly pass the appetite period.

baby teether

Baby placating gum promotes baby's brain development. The whole process of gum biting can exercise baby's hand-eye-brain coordination ability, develop baby's perception ability and stimulate brain cell development. In the stage of long teeth, the baby is prone to upset and other bad emotions because of discomfort. Dental glue can transfer the baby's attention, give enough sense of security and satisfaction, and pacify the baby's bad mood. Training baby's closing ability and sucking baby teether can exercise baby's opening and closing ability well.