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Company News

How does the silicone bottle turn white when it is yellow? Can the bottle be yellowed?

Publish Date: 2019-05-05 Click: 714
How does the silicone bottle turn white when it is yellow? Can the bottle be yellowed?

  Bottles are a very common type of baby product as the baby grows up, and almost all babies use the bottle. It is very common for a bottle to be yellow when it is used for a long time. How to clean the silicone milk bottle yellowing? Can the bottle turn white? Under normal circumstances, the yellowing of the bottle can not be used to see the specific situation, if it is a silicone bottle, it is not suitable to continue to use after the yellowing, other bottles can still be used after cleaning.

silicone milk bottle

Can the bottle be yellowed? If it is a silicone bottle, it is recommended not to use it. The silicone bottle turns yellow, which is the result of natural oxidation and is difficult to recover. It is necessary to replace the bottle in time, and the bottle also has a service life. It is generally recommended to change it once a year. The bottle should be cleaned and disinfected within 1-2 days. Generally, it can be boiled in boiling water for 2-5 minutes. This can not only disinfect the bottle, but also prevent the bottle from yellowing. How to clean the bottle yellow? It is recommended to wash with warm water, completely remove the bottle, nipple, collar, etc., and wash them one by one. It is easy to wash with warm water. Warm water helps to accelerate the dispersion of oil and make it fall off the surface of the bottle to avoid residue. The nipple is more prone to yellowing. It is recommended to use a nipple brush to scrub the cleaning solution, and use a needle or a toothpick to lick the suction hole of the nipple, special bottle cleaning solution or rice water, and the cleaning effect is more thorough.

silicone milk bottle

 High temperature cooking and disinfection, regular disinfection is a must for baby feeding supplies. Because the baby's resistance is low, if the feeding supplies are not disinfected, they will breed a lot of bacteria, which will have an adverse effect on the baby's intestines.

 Various microorganisms have different tolerance to temperature, and some bacteria may be solved at 85 ° C, but some bacteria require higher temperatures to be destroyed. Hot water scalding can only eliminate the "most" pathogens, as for the remaining "small parts".