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Company News

What are the disadvantages of infant silicone teether processing? How to make change?

Publish Date: 2018-12-05 Click: 488
What are the disadvantages of infant silicone teether processing? How to make change?

Infant silicone teether is one of the best-selling children's products in recent years. It has many different styles and shapes. Many children's dental gel products are relatively thick and are not easy for silica gel manufacturers to consume and process. Therefore, many unhealthy phenomena occur. Especially in the early stage of consumption and processing, it often leads to unfamiliar products, windbreak and other factors. In view of the immature phenomenon, and the quality of infant products belongs to the appearance of parts for the surface of the poor nature can not absorb, then how to deal with it?

The phenomenon of immature silica gel biting and drum packing is often due to some reasons. Our rare immature reason is that the curing time of raw materials can not reach the time, or the temperature of the machine is too low, or the manually molded silica gel manufacturer in advance to improve the efficiency, etc. The manifestations are immature as a whole, immature locally, and internal. Unfamiliar bulging and other factors. Among them, overall softening and sticking means that the whole product of silica gel is not ripe, and no fixed words are in place in any center. There are several reasons for this kind of failure to repair. The mould temperature can not reach or be put out ahead of time, the vulcanizing agent is not added or the vulcanizing agent is not completely dispersed. In addition, the artificial factors have been put out for too long and in place. Spraying demoulding water on the surface of the die is convenient for demoulding, and the temperature of the die is directly lowered, which results in the demoulding.

silicone teether

But the internal immaturity is different, half of the internal bulging immaturity occurs on the silica gel products with a larger control. It is analogous to the root and edge of the handle of the silica gel children's dental gum. The reason of immaturity is similar to the overall immaturity, but this kind of immaturity also adds to the problems of parameters and models of the machine, except the above. In addition to the problem, the structural influence of the product bulging in the die is analogous to the factors such as die layout, core spacing and the size of the die template.

On the other hand, local immaturity is the main factor, which is the state. Local immaturity is the most rare expression. There will be no vulcanized raw rubber on the surface of silica gel where there are small areas of regional immaturity. All these problems need to be summed up to find out the reasons. It is analogous to whether the raw materials are out of date, the pressure of the machine, and the machine. The number of exhaust, die structure, steel and operation reasons, but mainly because the product is too big can lead to bulging phenomenon, infant silicone teether hardness is too high, the phenomenon of immature bulging needs more attention.

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