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Company News

How and When to Feed Your Baby? To use baby feeding set

Publish Date: 2022-05-11 Click: 426
How and When to Feed Your Baby? To use baby feeding set

There are two particularly critical periods of nutrition for a newborn baby to be 1 year old. The first is the nutrition based on breast milk under 6 months, and the other is the food between about 5/6 months and about two years old. Nutrition. These two critical periods are particularly important for the baby's future growth, and it is important to know how to feed.

baby feeding

baby feeding method

With the improvement of people's living standards, people also pay more attention to the quality of life. Of course, this also implies that mothers have higher nutritional requirements for their children, So how should babies be fed?

Feeding according to the needs of the baby: Newborn babies do not follow any rules in feeding, but one thing is certain, they must be fed according to the needs of the baby. Generally, when the baby cries, most of them must be fed. , but after the baby has passed the day, the mothers will slowly adjust.

Feeding according to the baby's weight: If the baby's weight has been stable and a certain amount of weight gain, it means that the feeding is more reasonable. You can set the feeding time and amount according to this rule. If the weight gain is not very stable, you need to adjust and increase the number of times.

Feeding according to the amount of breast milk: some mothers have enough breast milk, which can fully meet the needs of the baby. Such mothers do not need to use other foods to supplement feeding, but some mothers do not have enough breast milk, which requires the baby to supplement. some other food.

Each baby's needs and physique are different. The above methods are only for reference by most mothers. The specific situation should be based on their own baby's feeding and exploring the rules.

baby feeding

The best time to feed your baby

Whether the baby is breastfeeding or eating the staple food, there must be an optimal time for feeding. If the child's feeding time is well controlled, it will have a multiplier effect on the child's growth and development.

Newborn babies are generally fed on demand, that is, according to the baby's reported needs, but after the full moon, mothers can form a time to feed, about 4-5 times a day.

Babies who eat staple food after 6 months can follow the adults' meal order three times a day, but in the morning and afternoon, the baby must be given appropriate snacks and supplemented with some other foods, so as to form a good eating habit for the child.

When feeding a 0-1 year old baby, you can properly let the baby eat cod liver oil, which can protect the eyesight and enhance the baby's resistance, but the selection of the amount must follow the doctor's arrangement.

Many things have an optimal period, in which the desired effect can be achieved, or even a better effect, and baby feeding is no exception. Mothers must be careful.