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Company News

How to choose three materials (glass, plastic, silica gel) milk bottles? What are silica gel milk bottles

Publish Date: 2020-04-13 Click: 2719

According to the different materials, there are three kinds of milk bottles on the market: glass, plastic and silica gel. How to choose three materials (glass, plastic, silica gel) milk bottles? What's good about silicone bottles? When we were young, we mostly used glass milk bottles. The glass material was relatively stable, and it had strong resistance to acid and alkali. It was easy to clean, especially high temperature. Even if we repeatedly cooked and disinfected at high temperature, it would not decompose harmful substances. But the shortcomings of the glass milk bottle are also obvious, fragile and thick, my family's glass milk bottle was broken by three children, the baby father's heartache of liver tremor.

Before the baby's half-year-old, when they won't take their own milk bottle, they use glass bottles for their baby. When they start to take their own bottles, they will replace them with bottles of other materials. At present, there are two main materials of plastic milk bottles, PPSU and PP. Chinese name of PPSU is polyphenylsulfone, which is resistant to high temperature of 180 ℃. It is not easy to decompose harmful substances under high temperature. Its appearance is light yellow. Therefore, in the mother and baby shop, it will be recommended, safe and light, and not fragile. For the baby who can hold the bottle for more than 6 months, it is necessary to replace the bottle with one that is not easily broken

silicone bottle

Compared with PPSU, there are two materials, PP and PA, which are also used to make milk bottles. Their ability to withstand high temperature is not as strong as PPSU, and they can withstand up to 120 degrees Celsius, and their transparency and wear resistance will also be discounted. Therefore, when using this kind of milk bottle, parents should pay attention to replace it when they find it worn. A while ago, silicone bottles were popular in mom's circle. Silica gel itself is a non-toxic, tasteless raw material, which is widely used in the medical field. First of all, the material is relatively safe. In addition to a better feel, similar to the design of breast milk, so the use of feedback is also better than the price, mothers are interested in giving their babies a try.

In the process of using the silicone bottle, the nipple is easy to be ignored. According to the age of the baby, there are different models of nipples. If the baby grows up and the pacifier is not replaced in time, the price will be hard to compare when the baby is sucking, or the hole of the pacifier is too big, it may choke the baby. The mother should pay attention to choose the pacifier suitable for the baby.